December 18, 2013

FLO Cycling - Bike for a Kid - 2013 Ironman World Championships in Kona

A Brief Intro
Our Bike for a Kid program began in 2012 when we started selling FLO wheels.  We wanted to find a way to give back, and giving bikes to kids just felt right.  The program started small, but our first bike drop was a huge success.  We wanted to expand the program in 2013 and did so by creating a journey we called our "Road to Kona".

Here is a quick video explaining how we used our "Road to Kona" journey to expand our Bike for Kid program.  

Road to Kona Stop #3 - Ironman World Championship in Kona
The third and final stop on our Bike for a Kid Road to Kona journey, was the Ironman World Championship in Kona.  Below is a recap of the donation, a short video and some pictures showing highlights of the day.  

The Facts

Number of Bikes Donated: 50
Donation City: Kona, HI
Local Ironman Event:  Ironman World Championships in Kona
Accepting Donor:  Lake Tahoe Boys and Girls Club
Partner Group:  Path Hawaii


Our make shift bike shop!

All loaded up!

The old bikes we replaced.

I hope you have enjoyed this Bike for a Kid recap.  We'd like to thank all of the organizations, volunteers and especially the FLO Customers who helped make this happen!  Please feel free to ask questions or add comments below.

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Robert said...

Do you really stop here ?

I loved buying wheels from you guys, and at the same supporting something special.

Hope you find another project, since it's not the last pair of wheels i have bought from you guys, end hopefully not the last good cause i have supported :-)

FLO Cycling said...


I'm guessing you missed the first video in this blog article. We have already agreed to continue working with the Ironman Foundation for 2014 and will be continuing this next year. Our Bike for a Kid program is here to stay.

Take care,